Try Out The Following Four Restaurants In The City Of Pensacola FL

It is safe to say that Pensacola is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. Located in Escambia County, ‘The City of Five Flags’ is also known as quite the tourist destination. You will find plenty of beach activities and other things to do there, including top ranked attractions, and you will find over 500 restaurants, too. As you prepare to choose a restaurant, let me tell you about four popular choices that will satisfy your taste buds.

The Ruby Slipper Cafe sounds like a really neat place do visit, don’t you agree? This establishment known for serving up a delicious brunch is located on South Palafox Street. Fried green tomatoes, chicken stew and french toast are a few of the menu items that sound delicious. The cafe is part of the downtown area, so it would give you a good excuse to be in that area for some fun in the sun.

You are certainly going to be on the beach often enough, right? After a day at the beach, let’s say you get to wandering around looking for a place to eat and stumble across Hot Spot Barbecue. It is going to be hard to resist because there are smokers out front according to reviews. Those smokers cooking up barbecue are going to make you want to come inside. People say the smells are very inviting, and they say that the barbecue is quite delicious. This establishment is on East La Rua Street.

Nick’s Boathouse is another great choice. It is on West Main Street, and you are talking about coconut shrimp and all kinds of delicious seafood. This restaurant is on the oceanfront, and you can eat outdoors if you like. Reviews mention that parking isn’t a problem, and of course the scene is beautiful, too.

Dog House Deli is another top ranked establishment, and one thing it is known for is its hot dogs for sure. Order up a Chicago Dog, or perhaps you want nachos or red beans and rice. You can find Dog House Deli on South Palafox Street, and it is said to be a fantastic place. Another popular menu item happens to be the shrimp and grits.

Do you like shrimp and grits? Whether it’s that dish or something else you crave, you are certainly going to enjoy these fine restaurants. Pick a place in Pensacola FL to try first, and then you can hop around from restaurant to restaurant while you’re there.